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We provide a wide range of high quality home improvement services to get the most out of your home and garden, increase it’s value or just make it look beautiful.

High quality work

Durable and resilient


Artificial grass

A beautiful lawn need not be a hassle to maintain, high quality artificial grass can be beautiful, comfortable and low maintenance.

Driveways, Paths and Patios

The entryway to your property can send the right (or wrong) impression to your visitors. Does your’s need an upgrade?

Guttering clean / vacuum

Blocked or grimy guttering can look unattractive and cause damage to your home through plant incursion or damp due to poor drainage.

Roof cleaning, painting and sealing

Keeping you warm and dry, the roof is an important part of your property, ensure that it is clean and sealed against the weather.

Spray Foam insulation

Keep warm, improve your energy rating and reduce moisture / condensation with polyurethane foam insulation, better than fibre!

Wall cleaning and sealing

Plants and weeds growing up your walls can damage the structure of your building by growing into the brickwork or render. If your plants are out of control, we can help!